Sean Yu prevails in World Poker Tour 500 tournament


The World Series of Poker eventually came to an end, with a single tournaments yet to decide this winners, but poker players don’t have the time or patience to wait for November. Action shifts to Europe for a couple of months, where the European Poker Tour and other major events are scheduled, with Asian casinos offering some alternatives. There are plenty of poker professionals who will trade land-based casinos for their online counterparts, to play at nosebleed limits from the comfort of their home.chcknraise

One of the tournaments that are bound to keep players wired throughout the year are the ones held under the World Poker Tour 500 umbrella. A prominent competition just came to an end, with Aria Resort & Casino being the gracious host for over 3500 players, and the results of that event can be found at:

One of the reasons for why so many players decided to buy in for a tournament that was scheduled just a few days after the World Series of Poker came to an end, had to do with the buy-in. Even the least expensive WSOP side events are bound to set players back more than $1000, something that has a deterring effect on amateurs. By comparison, this tournament is inexpensive and one would only have to pay $565 to sit down at the tables.

With so many players interested in competing for the top prize, it took two days for the field to be limited to nine players and the final table to be reached. The guaranteed prize pool was of $1 million, but as a result of so many players participating, the ones who made the money were guaranteeing to split $1.8 million. Among the nine finalists, there were several poker professionals, with Scott Clements and Christian Harder being by far the most prominent ones.

Everyone expected these two to compete for the title in an intense heads-up, but unfortunately for them they had to settle for the third and fourth places. Even so, they won a combined amount of $210,000, while Sean Yu and Kareem Marshall made the heads up and played a couple of hours for the trophy. Sean was lucky in the final hand of the tournament and came from behind to win $260,000, while the runner-up had to settle for $180,000:

  1. Sean Yu – $260,000
  2. Kareem Marshall – $180,000
  3. Scott Clements – $120,500
  4. Christian Harder – $90,000
  5. Jeffrey Ray – $70,000
  6. Luis Nargentino – $55,000
  7. Brian Benhamou – $45,000
  8. Terry Fleischer – $35,000
  9. Messadek Soufiane – $26,000

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